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Participation in the 19th World Pharmaceutical Raw Materials China Exhibition (CPHI)

Participation in the 19th World Pharmaceutical Raw Materials China Exhibition (CPHI)

Tadalafil;Ethyl6,8-dichlorocaprylate; DL-Lipoic acid
After years of hard work, CPhI & P-MEC China has become the best choice for excellent local enterprises to realize the Dream of Pharmaceutical China and open the road of internationalization. In the seventeen years since CPhI & P-MEC China was held, many exhibitors have entered the harvest period with the help of this platform, and their influence in the international market has been increasing day by day. A large number of internationalized enterprises have emerged to become outstanding. At the same time, CPhI & P-MEC China also conforms to the development of the industry and lays out the industrial chain in depth. Up to now, CPhI & P-MEC China has included raw materials, fine chemicals and intermediates, excipients and dosage forms, preparations, natural extracts, biopharmaceuticals, contract customization, animal health care, pharmaceutical machinery, packaging materials, laboratory instruments, pharmaceutical environmental protection and cleanliness. Pharmaceutical logistics has 13 major sectors, which has become the leading professional trade exchange event in the vertical industry chain of the global pharmaceutical industry.
On June 18, 2019, the 19th World Pharmaceutical Raw Materials China Exhibition opened in Shanghai New International Expo Center. Luning Pharmaceutical Team participated in the three-day exhibition, and conducted in-depth business negotiations and technical discussions with customers and experts from more than 120 countries and regions.
The main products of Luning Pharmaceutical Industry in this exhibition are Tadalafil(1R,3R)-methyl-1,2,3,4-tetrahydro-2-chloroacetyl-1-(3,4-methylenedioxyphenyl)-9H-pyrido[3,4-B]indole-3-carboxylate

Ethyl 6,8-dichlorocaprylate

DL-Lipoic acid